Who we are

Results-oriented marketing and sales research
At LEC Clarity, our purpose is to provide business and results-oriented marketing and sales research, analysis and consulting services for British B2B companies.

... anywhere on the globe
Our focus is both on domestic and "foreign work", and our team of partners, full-time and free-lance researchers & interviewers enable us to give you unmatched research quality anywhere on the globe.

Client delight...
Our core clients are British B2B companies. The client portfolio includes a large European communication devices company, a leading pharmaceutical corporation, a telecom equipment company, a measurement technology firm, a computer hardware manufacturer, a digital imaging equipment vendor, and many others.

... by focussing on serving you
Because we're based in the UK, and focussed on serving clients here, we can give you more attention and serve you better -- and make you more successful.

T:+44 (0) 870 745 6899 E: info@executiveconsultancy.com