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How to make practical use of customer satisfaction research

Don't let it gather dust! The worst thing you can do after having carried out a customer satisfaction analysis is not taking action.

Not only have you spent time and resources undertaking the analysis, you have also created customer expectations that some form of action will now be taken.

Here are some of the many ways you can use your newly gained customer insight…

Increased customer comprehension
If you let your team members participate and fill in the questionnaire, you often see very big differences between your company's responses and those of your customers.

A customer satisfaction analysis arms you with facts, so that you no longer have to base all your decision making on the latest feedback from your support department.

Accordingly, it's important that you spread the results throughout your organisation so that they can be taken seriously.

By adding questions about competitors' performance you get a picture of how well you measure up to the competition.

You can use that knowledge in various ways. For instance, it can provide stimulus for developing new or improved products or services. Of course, you can also use it for inspiration for your marketing communications programmes.

Allocating resources
If you think it has to be more costly to get more satisfied customers, think again. It's not necessarily so.

By asking customers to not only indicate their level of satisfaction but also the importance of each point, you'll often see a number of elements where customers are highly satisfied but on issues that are not terribly important.

This means that you can re-allocate certain resources from these points to other points that are more important -- and where customers are less satisfied.

Retention - even of dissatisfied customers
Sometimes, just asking customers about their satisfaction creates contentment. If, at the same time, you let your customers indicate whether they'd like to discuss their responses, you have a good occasion to call them.

Frequently, it's the dissatisfied customers who request an elaboration of stated issues. That provides you with a good opportunity to solve any outstanding issues -- before your customer finds and contracts with a new supplier


At LEC, we help you apply fact-based international marketing. International business-to-business companies use our services to undertake action-oriented market & customer research and competitive surveillance - anywhere on the globe.

With an LEC InSync Plus Analysis, you can undertake all the above mentioned exercises -- in addition to a number of other ones.

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