Techniques for fact-based international marketing

Clarity Market Map™ Analysis
Now you can pinpoint how many targets know of you, how many can use your offerings, how many would seriously consider you as a supplier, and what exactly you must do to raise your sales - in the UK or abroad.
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Clarity InSync Plus™ Analysis
Only highly gratified clients are loyal to you and buy from you again. This uniquely developed Clarity action survey not only reveals how satisfied your customers are - we also show you which factors you must change to do better. [Click here]

Clarity Competitive Insight™ Analysis
Gain vital insight into your competitors' activities and crucial business trends to further your own goals -- using our effective and ethical methodology. [Click here]

Clarity Market Gauge™ Analysis
Extremely effective qualitative fact-gathering so that you can build a sound target marketing and positioning strategy in the UK or internationally: uncover specific segment requirements, identify issues, discover trends, pinpoint key demand drivers and what factors you should emphasise. [Click here]

Clarity Partner Power™ Analysis
Powerful methodical framework for identification and/or review of distributors, agents and business partners -- in any country, in any language. [Click here]

Clarity Market Scan™ and ABC segmentation
If you sell directly to end customers: only some 10-15% of companies in a target group are ripe prospects, but which? Identify exactly which prospects to focus your export efforts on in order to get the most profitable result. [Click here]

Clarity Shape-to-fit™ Research
Tell us your requirements and we'll devise an approach to suit your needs.

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