LEC Export Market Scan™ and ABC segmentation

If you sell direct internationally: only some 10-15% of companies in a target group are ripe prospects, but which? Identify exactly which prospects to focus your export efforts on in order to get the most profitable result.

It's not enough to select a target market...
You've done the hard work of identifying, analysing, and chosing target markets. You've carefully evaluated your own strengths and abilities versus those of your competitors. You've clearly laid the groundworks for a successful strategy. But it's not enough. need to locate customer prospects as well
Without specific, named targets you are still far from your goal. Remember, for instance, that not all French, Swedish, or Dutch bakeries are immediately relevant, even if you offer the world's best oven:

· Some have just bought
· Some require a certain feature which you don't offer
· Some require a support or service level you can't offer
· Some have just signed up with your competitor

... and so on.

100% efficiency with ABC segmentation
Did you know that, without proper segmentation, you can end up wasting 80-90% of your time?

Conversely, by segmenting your prospects into A, B, and C categories, you can spend your time and efforts where you get the best return.

You should only spend sales and marketing efforts (and money) where you have the greatest chances of success. You can only do that when you have an ABC segmented prospect list. Only your A-prospects meet all criteria and are worth progressing.

The ABC process in brief

(1) Build a sound starting database -- extremely important
(2) Define what constitues an A-prospect
(3) Scan your database in the market and segment it into ABC.

Using our tested methodology, we find out for you:

· Who the right contact persons are
· How you should approach them -- with what information
· How you can categorise each into A, B or C prospects.

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