LEC InSync Plus™ Analysis

Only highly gratified clients are loyal to you and buy from you again. This uniquely developed LEC action survey not only reveals how satisfied your customers are - we also show you which factors you must change to do better.

It's important to keep your customers. It can cost you 5 - 8 times more to get a customer back than to keep him / her.

Most defecting customers will go somewhere else without even letting you know first. This means it's important that you know precisely how your customers say you are doing in terms of satisfying their requirements. You must also be aware of specifically which customers are worth giving more attention.

Our breakthrough method gives you a practical picture of what your customers value most, how you rate compared to competitors, and what you should do to raise loyalty.

Not only do you get a clear picture of how you score on factors that your customers say they expect from your company... also get a sophisticated tool to identify and prioritise the actions you must take to reduce the risk of customer desertion and increase opportunities to please your customers in the future.

"Going for gold" -- click [here] for case-in-point article.

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