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Five not-to-miss points that are crucial to customer loyalty

Want to get more loyal customers so you can increase your marketing ROI - and your company’s profitability?

Many studies and investigations have been undertaken to find out how to increase customer loyalty. They have all largely arrived at the same basic points that are critical to promoting customer loyalty (not in order of priority)...

Ask your customers what information they want from you.
You’ll probably find that they’ll mention things such as organisational changes, new products, new ways to use products, your thoughts about the future, vision, etc.

Likewise, it’s important to inform your customers on an on-going basis so they can see you are bearing them in mind. The annual Christmas greeting is not adequate – by far.

We all like to be treated as individuals. We like to sense that care is taken to see to our specific needs and requirements.

That’s why it’s not enough to provide everybody with the same good service and attention. Customers have (often hugely) different expectations.

Even when it comes to “general information”, there are hardly any limits to the extent to which you can individualise it by using a database.

Always keep what you promise. Your customers are often dependent upon your keeping your promises, so that they can keep theirs.

Customers evaluate your reliability on the core product or service you deliver and if you fail there, it’s no good to exceed your periferiydelser. And don’t forget – it takes twelve good experiences to outweigh one bad.

Customers want assurance that you are competent and the best way you can do that is by actually live up to that.

However, there may be a little “shortcut”. Make sure that the people your customers are in contact with at first have thorough and extensive knowledge about customers and products. That they are so knowledgeable gives customers a good sense of confidence about the understanding and sophistication of the organisation behind them.

Try to look at yourself with the eyes of a customer and ask yourself if you would think you’re looking at an attractive organisation. Are the buildings and facilities pleasing? Are the service cars clean? Are brochures inviting and professional? Are products and offers logically arranged and easily comprehensible?

Every time your customers are in direct or indirect contact with your company, it affects their perception.

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